Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is an art that takes thousands of hours of practice. The level of experience and dedication a dent technician has is very apparent in the quality of their repairs. You can be assured that with Hoosier Dentman Paintless Dent Repair, you are making a smart investment.

Have a door dent, crease, hail damage or minor collision damage? Call the Hoosier Dentman before allowing anyone else to repair your vehicle!

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Some key points about Hoosier Dentman Include:

  • Professional PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) Services
  • Specializing in Mobile Dent Repair Services
  • Direct Repair for Many Major Insurances
  • Latest Tools and Techniques in the Industry
Independently owned and operated

You can trust our years of experience in the field of PDR.

Fast mobile service

This allows us to accomplish repairs at your home or office. Most repairs can be accomplished while you wait, and in less than one-hour.

Risk Free Guarantee

At Hoosier Dentman you will enjoy our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the results of your repair we will make it right.

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Special Services We also offer:

  • Headlight restoration
  • Windshield Chips
  • Cigarette burns

Here are some examples of damage we deal with. Keep in mind this information and photos serve only as a general guide. Dents that are on a body line can be vary in price. Dents must be seen by our tech to arrive at a final estimate.


Buick Door-beforeBuick Door-after






Looks like new!

Someone dented my RX350, and I cannot say enough good things about Travis and the job he did on the car. Could not be more pleased. Looks like new!


I was amazed with the results

Travis fixed a dent on my wife’s VW Jetta that was on the upper body line of the driver door, It was creased pretty bad and I was skeptical about him being able to get it perfect, I was amazed with the results, he has the video posted, it’s a black Jetta…..

Randy Wood

Enough talk, Call him!

Talk about friendly, talk about service, talk about professional work, talk about money saving, enough talk, call him.

Ken Page

Would highly recommend!

Excellent service! Fast and friendly and did everything to accommodate me. Can’t even tell anything was there!! Would highly recommend!

Angie Jones

Awesome job, more than fair on the price

AMAZING! ! I backed my 2011 Silverado into a tree. The repair involved body lines and decals. Awesome job, more than fair on the price. Travis accommodated my schedule. AND he is a genuinely nice guy. 5 STARS for sure

Gwen Travisano

This guy is forever my dent man!

Unbelievable! Like it never happened. There was golf ball size hail dents 3″ apart. This only took him days to fix. I wasn’t even expecting a call for a week and he was done in half that time, even though the insurance adjuster underestimated the work by hundreds of dollars. This guy is forever my dent man! Thank you Travis!

Mark C. Wayman


Travis is persistent. Travis is a perfectionist.

I borrowed my wife’s car for the day so Travis could work on a side panel that had been hit by an indecisive deer. My wife couldn’t beleive it when I brought the car back like new just a few hours later. Travis is persistent. Travis is a perfectionist. Travis is very reasonably priced.


It is refreshing to find an honest, reasonably priced and extremely talented professional!

Travis came to my office and repaired the dent I asked to get fixed and another one that I didn’t think could be fixed. He did it quickly and it was convenient because he was able to come to me. The repair looks perfect – I cannot tell there was ever any damage. It is refreshing to find an honest, reasonably priced and extremely talented professional in the auto repair business. Thanks!!


Travis is clearly someone who can get it right!

I had a jeep with extensive hail damage that Travis repaired – I didn’t think it would ever look right but I cannot tell that it was ever dented – there were over 40 dents from hail that was big enough that it busted out the skylights in my house and broke windshields. I tried to do it… take out some dents with a paintless dent tool that uses a temporary glue and quickly realized that it was not the kind of thing that is easy to do. It really takes some experience and talent to get it right. Travis is clearly someone who can get it right!


Tons of dings from the recent hail – gone!

AWESOME JOB!!! My brand new car only had 170 miles on it when it received tons of dings from the recent hail storm. You can imagine my disappointment! Travis did an awesome job removing the dents, and I’m very pleased to say my car looks brand new again! Not only does Travis do a great …


Looks great !!!

5 Star Review Thank you for fixing my daughters car it looks great !!!


Precision in every job!!!

5 Star Review Of course Travis Rambis does what he does and he does it better than anyone else because he takes very much pride AND precision In every job!!!


His work speaks for itself

5 Star Review I’m actually working with Travis right now. I have met alot of techs along the way, and have seen alot of hacks that give PDR a bad name. Not Travis he’s a true professional his work speaks for itself. If you have ever had bad PDR work done ,and you thought this …


My car looks brand new again!

5 Star Review I am so happy with the service! My car looks brand new again! I am a preschool teacher and one of the kids threw a rock over the fence at my work and dented the hood of my brand new car! Travis made it look like new again! And the was certainly …


My customers were happy

5 Star Review Watched him work on a few of my cars I sold at Horace Nissan made a big difference and my customers were happy.


Travis is amazing at what he does

5 Star Review Travis is amazing at what he does and saved me from a 1000 dollar repair to my truck. Before you have your repair fixed the conventional way, give Travis a call.


Can’t even tell there was damage

5 Star Review Just got my 4Runner back from getting repairs to the lift gate doors and fenders. Can’t even tell there was damage to any of them. Good job Travis. Thanks.


LOVE LOVE LOVE the Work Travis done!

5 Star Review   He’s the BEST I’ve seen. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Work Travis done!!!! Wish everyone took so much pride in the job they do. Super nice guy. Thank you Travis.


I am VERY particular … Call Travis

5 Star Review Travis was very helpful and did great work removing several dents and cigarette burns that were there from the previous owner. I have been told I can be exceptionally picky and in my opinion he did an excellent job


Travis is the best Dent guy

5 Star Review   By far the best Dent guy in the country, I have seen the work of hundreds of Dent removal techs living and working in the Hail state of Texas and not one of them would come close to the skill of Travis


Before and After




Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


What is PDR? 
Paintless Dent Repair or PDR is a method of removing minor dents and dings without adding or removing any paint on the vehicle. This is done by very patiently massaging the dent out from the back of the panel, or sometimes from the front using specialized tools.

What are the benefits of PDR?
The most important benefit is quality. This method is the closest you can get to the damage never having occurred in the first place. No grinding, bondo, fillers, or primers are needed because your original factory paint is not disturbed. There is no risk of problems with filler or paint shrinkage months after the repair as can occur with some body shop repairs. Cost is also a major benefit of paintless dent repair. An estimate for a minor dent repair using PDR is typically a fraction of the cost of a traditional body shop repair. Time savings is yet another advantage. That same dent can be fixed in 30 minutes to a few hours versus a body shop which can take 3 – 5 days or longer.

Will my paint be damaged?
No. Today’s factory paints are very flexible and will not be damaged in any way by this process. PDR is the only way to repair a dent and still keep your factory paint.

Will my dents be 100% gone?
On minor dents, in most cases, yes. The deeper the dent, the more difficult it is to repair. Even on larger dents, once we’re done, most people are amazed at the results. We always explain in detail, how your dent will look before any work is started.

Will my dents come back?
Absolutely not. Once a dent has been removed properly with PDR, it never comes back.

Can any dent be fixed?
No. The most important factors in determining if a dent can be repaired by PDR are depth and location. Dents the size of a dinner plate or larger can be fixed successfully, as long as they are not too deep. On the other hand, some dents that are as small as a dime but very deep, cannot be fixed using PDR because the metal is too stretched. Cracked paint can also be an indication that a dent is too deep. The most common dents fixed are the size of a golf ball and under. 95% of minor dents can be repaired. About 5% of minor dents can’t be fixed due to depth or location.

What does “no drilling” mean?
It has become common practice by many PDR technicians to drill or punch holes in places like door frames, quarter panel jambs, inner wheelhouse panels etc to gain access to a dent with their tools. Most of the time the customer is not even informed of this. I have seen “repairs” where as many as 7 – 10 holes were drilled to access one dent. We will always take the extra time to try and repair a dent without drilling. In the event that there is no other way to repair a dent except to drill a small hole, or if it is less expensive to drill a small hole, you will always be advised of this and the choice will be yours. If a small hole is necessary, it will be rust-proofed and plugged.

Do you do any other automotive cosmetic work such as scratch repair, paint work, or interior repair?
No, we don’t. We prefer to stay within our field of expertise and that is paintless dent repair. We do regularly work with quality professionals who perform these services and will be happy to refer you to someone.

Can you help me with my LEASE RETURN vehicle?
We sure can. We can remove those dents for a lot less than you will be charged for “excessive wear and tear on your vehicle’s exterior”. If your lease is up soon give us a call, and you’ll be glad you did.

I’ve got lots of dents, do you have a discount for more than one dent?
Yes. We offer discounts for multiple dents. If you have more than one minor dent on a panel, we can generally include those dents for very little extra depending on the sizes and number of dents. If your car has a lot of minor dents, we offer a per car price that is very reasonable.

Ever hear the saying “Image is everything”? Most people judge a car by its appearance. If it looks good they assume it has been well taken care of. Used car dealers and wholesalers know this. They also know what they spend on PDR will make them many times over what they spend, and will help them sell the car quicker. If you’re selling your car, PDR is one of the best ways to get top dollar, more interested buyers, and a quicker sale.


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